Take a trip on Airwheel SE3miniT rideable luggage

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Abstract: Along with wearables, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, smart luggage is part of the travel industry’s future, oh not future, it’s now. Take a trip on Airwheel SE3miniT rideable luggage.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart suitcase


Airwheel SE3miniT can save you from frequent walking during the journey. The 4-inch motor wheel equipped at the bottom, driven by electric energy, at a speed of 9km/h, which is faster and more efficient than the usual walking speed, and of course more labor-saving. It is used a intelligent riding handle, only the left and right sides of the handle need to be controlled, the right handle is responsible for acceleration, the left handle is for braking.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart suitcase


SE3miniT scooter luggage is also reinforced with a patented alloy frame to ensure that the luggage is intact even after a long ride. The patented frame is made of aerospace grade 6 series high grade aluminum alloy, and the unibody technology is applied to make the structure more stable, with a load capacity of 110kg, so you can store all kinds of luggage without worrying about damage from extrusion.

SE3miniT can also give you enough space for storing and storing your travel essentials. As a 20-inch luggage, its internal volume of up to 26L, to meet the short and medium distance travel needs of the week, is completely stress-free. And, Airwheel SE3miniT also adopts a side-opening lid design, the inside of the lid is planned with different sizes of storage bags, easy to achieve the convenience of pick and place. Side opening lid also designed with buckle structure, can adjust the lid opening and closing angle.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart suitcase


In addition to the two main functions of cycling and storage, it can even help you charge your cell phone, Bluetooth headphones and other portable electronic devices, thanks to the two sets of USB charging ports.

Airwheel SE3miniT smart ride suitcase is equipped with a lithium battery capacity of 73.26WH. But if you have higher requirements, do not worry, because the lithium battery uses a modular design, without the use of tools, can also be disassembled and replaced at any time. Of course, this design also facilitates the flight, the security check before the lithium battery only needs to be disassembled, you can smoothly pass.

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