Airwheel SR5 smart luggage that auto follows you to ease you of dragging your box during long airport walks.

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Abstract: Airwheel SR5 is a smart robot assistant and suitcase and it will follow you to ease you of dragging your box during long airport walks.


Airwheel SR5 smart luggage


As an intelligent following luggage robot, Airwheel SR5 is equipped with a UWB high-precision positioning module inside, which can be paired with a special smart bracelet connection. When you wear the bracelet, and open the intelligent following mode, Airwheel SR5 intelligent luggage will be able to lock your coordinate information in real time, by driving the bottom of the box motor wheel to follow. In the process of following, it will monitor the distance between the master in real time. For safety reasons, it is also set up at the same time the safety distance, once when Airwheel SR5 smart follow suitcase to monitor the distance between the master and more than 3 meters, the smart bracelet will immediately vibrate warning.


Airwheel SR5 smart luggage


Of course, Airwheel SR5 also takes into account the complex road conditions, for which it applies ultrasonic detection, infrared distance measurement technology, real-time monitoring of obstacles in the surrounding environment, and the construction of three-dimensional environmental data, and through the algorithm to take reasonable avoidance, detour program, so as to ensure that the follow process does not collide with obstacles and other passers-by, so that the owner can use at ease, no longer have The owner can use it without any worries.


Airwheel SR5 smart luggage


Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage has an exclusive APP, which not only can be used to view the remaining power, mileage, speed and other information, but also realizes simple fault detection, and the special implementation of remote control mode. Plus, the over-distance alarm will no longer be only the smart bracelet vibration warning, the phone will also synchronize vibration, warning sound to remind the owner's attention.


Airwheel SR5 smart luggage has USB charging port on the outside, only need to connect the data cable, it can be charged for cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones and other types of portable electronic devices, greatly facilitate the journey. Its lithium battery adopts a modular design, and the capacity is also in line with the airline's specifications for passage, so the battery only needs to be quickly disassembled before the security check, and it can pass smoothly. At the same time, its case body volume in line with international standards for 20-inch boarding cases, can be carried directly on board, into the luggage compartment, no need to check in.

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