Airwheel H3M

MDR (EU) 2017/745 Certification-Airwheel H3M Mobility Scooter

Airwheel H3M elderly scooter is the first scooter of its kind to combine rugged performance with feather-touch disassembly. Not only is this scooter ready to drive just about anywhere, but it’s also easy to take it apart for transportation.

Airwheel H3M Mobile scooter
  • 45kgs

    Gross Weight

  • 180W

    Motor Power

  • 6km/h

    Max. Speed

  • 12Ah

    Battery Capacity

Best mobility scooters for seniors In 2021-Airwheel H3M

Airwheel H3M Mobility scooter features speed and style. This 4-wheel travel scooter will turn heads with a stylish body and designer aluminum wheels. The H3M has a top speed of 6km/h and a heavy-duty steel front bumper adds safety. 24 Volt batteries provide a 20km drive range to get you where you need to go.


    This mobility scooter is equipped with electromagnetic brakes, explosion-proof solid tires, and high standard production control create good quality


    Mobility scooters can provide newfound freedom to elderly individuals that are struggling withday to day activities. They are a great way to regain independence​.

    Not slipping Let go and stop

    Release your hand then brake imediatelly, do not slip on steep slopesIntelligent electromagnetic brake system, High-tech make better riding.

Airwheel H3M Mobile scooter
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